Frequently asked questions

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Why is the Billing Cycle 4 weeks vs monthly?

  • To provide the same number of classes every billing cycle
  • To align the gym’s income cycle with the biggest expense, staff payroll


Why don’t you offer Military/Fire/LEO/Teacher discounts?

  • We value all of our members, whether they work in one of these professions, are a doctor/nurse, a stay at home parent, work at the refinery, retired, etc. Every member of our gym family is special to us, but no one person above another.


What is your policy for military deployments?

  • We will make reasonable accommodations and exceptions for military service members in relation to deployments and permanent change of station orders.


Why are Membership Contracts required to receive better prices?

  • Commitment and consistency are key to results.  We are encouraging our members to stick to your plan to reach your goals. 


What are the household and paid-in-full discounts?

  • Household: $10 off the 4, 28, or 52 Week Contract price for each household member
    • i.e. $165 for 4 week, $150 for 28 week, or $140 for 52 week
  • Paid in Full:
    • 28 Weeks: $1050  (same cost as if paying $150 every 4 weeks)
    • 52 Weeks: $1820  (same cost as if paying $140 every 4 weeks)
  • BOTTOM LINE: Cheapest possible membership is $140 achieved either by paying 52 weeks up front, or having 2+ household members on 52 week contracts


What constitutes a “household”?

  • People who live together (i.e. your mail goes to the same mailbox).
    • e.g. Roomates in a single home are a household, different units at a condo complex are not


What does Open Gym mean?

  • There will be a staff member present and all equipment and facilities will be available to members.


How does the referral Bonus work?  

  • When a current member refers a new member,  the new member receives a $60 discount off their 1st membership payment (after on-ramp) and the current member receives $60 cash/venmo payment.


Is there childcare? 

  • No. We have a kids’ room, but there is no organized childcare provider. Children under the age of 12 years old must be supervised at all times. Children are welcome in the main gym in designated areas.


Do you have punch cards? 

  • No.  We do not offer punch cards.  If you are unable to attend class regularly, we invite you to drop-in. We also have a 1 week pass for our members visiting for work or vacation.